Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The Earth Tigers is going to make its debut on Jukepop. I will post episodes here eventually, but to get early, first hand access to the series, you can read it here: Please let me know in the comments how its going, thoughts, suggestions and if so inclined, votes. 
:) See you in the jungle.



The burrows of the Great Ones are stirring. Horatch, a T'rant scout, is sent into the jungles to find a promising candidate among the scattered tribes of humans. She must be brave, talented, and able to survive the tests ahead.

When he meets Milyi, his hopes soar, but just returning her to the Temple proves difficult. An ancient enemy has also awoken, and if the Wisps have their way, the Great Ones will remain a part of history, the T'rants will fall, and the humans will live as servants to the Wisp cults taking root in secret all across their world. 

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